The "moto art" collection.

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 My inspiration for the “moto art” line of furniture comes from my deep background in the sport of motocross   mixed with my childhood instinct to make something from nothing.  As a motorcycle mechanic I would  see hundreds of bikes a year come through my shop needing repairs, it was my job to be somewhat of a detective using any info I could get from the owner and any little clues I could find on or in the motorcycle to come to a conclusion on what need to be fixed, why it broke, and how this could be prevented in the future. I really enjoyed playing detective, it would make me so curious to what type of life this bike had, how many owners did she have (all bikes are girls to me)? Was she treated well? What type of dirt was this bike last ridden in? What was the biggest jump she had taken? And the hardest crash she had felt? These were all questions that would race through my mind. I began to look at each piece so closely in my examination that other means of use would pop in my head and visions of functional furniture began to take shape. The rush of emotions I would have creating these pieces told me that this is something I needed to try and make my living.  This ultimately what drove me to leave my job as a mechanic and pursue a career in artistic furniture as Shawn Connors Designs.