The Shawn Connors Story.

For the love of wheels and wrenches.

Growing up in rural Southern Vermont, I didn't have very many acquaintances- unless you count my tools and bicycle. My family owned a business that specialized in moving large homes and barns from one location to another, and that became my playground- a scrapyard of steel beams and heavy equipment as I learned the intricate art of construction (and deconstruction) from the lap of both my father and grandfather.

My real freedom though was on my bicycle. Pedaling around, turning automobile loading ramps into jumps, I preferred my life on two wheels rather than two feet. My father took notice and bought me 1979 Honda XL 100 dirt bike when I was 10- a gift that changed my life.

I fell so hard for the world of motocross that nothing else mattered. Within four years, I was racing. At the age of 19, I was performing in freestyle motocross jump shows and by the age of 21, I was traveling all over the country and world as a professional freestyle motocross rider. For ten years, I lived this dream and then in 2011, I was offered the amazing opportunity to be a performer in Macau, China at The House of Dancing Water.

In 2012, I suffered an injury to my right heel, and although not as severe as past injuries, a stroke of bad luck would force me to undergo four surgeries in less than six months. Not being able to ride my dirt bike- which had become so much more than just a career and hobby, but also my livelihood and a form of therapy- devastated me in ways I was ill prepared for, and I relied heavily on the support of the woman whose love would surpass that of my dirt bike and would eventually become my wife, Marisol. We decided to leave China and return to where Marisol was originally from, Montreal, Canada. In 2013, Marisol and I married and welcomed our first daughter Alexis into the world.

They say you never forget your first love, and for me that proved true. Now in Montreal, I sought out a job in the motocross industry as a mechanic, track groomer, and riding coach. However, not being able to actually ride noticeably affected my relationship with the motocross world, and I began seeking gratification elsewhere.

When I picked up my tools again, I was reminded of cycling around my family's scrapyard at ten years old. I started building furniture pieces with recycled motorcycle parts that were laying around my garage as a hobby and it felt right. Building with whatever I had lying around was part of who I was already due to my upbringing and being able to incorporate my love of motocross made the transition from performing to building seem natural.

My pieces began to pick up steam on social media platforms and what started as a hobby - a way for me to keep two of my passions alive regardless of my circumstances- quickly began to form a passion all its own. I felt alive again, and as I received feedback, I adapted and honed my craft to cater to a variety of different tastes and a diverse array of both homes and businesses.

Using my imagination, I create versatile pieces of art that are both functional as furniture and beautiful home decor- a one-of-a-kind piece built exclusively to your taste with an evolved and dedicated passion and great attention to detail.

It is with overwhelming gratitude, I thank you for your support and time.

Written with help from Becki Trudell.